Over the last 11 years, Asylum has grown from a small boutique into a major visual effects company able to handle almost any kind of project, from huge VFX driven feature films to fast turnaround commercials.
 Uniquely however, Asylum maintains the creativity and flexibility of a small boutique. Our artist driven approach to projects cuts through the layers of management that otherwise slow down the creative process, allowing cutting edge effects to be produced extremely quickly. Asylum’s proprietary pipeline and numerous in-house developed tools further enhance our productivity.
 In the Visual Effects business talented artists and technicians are the key to success. As such Asylum is constantly searching the globe for the best possible talent. We make certain these talented individuals are given the best tools, most up to date software, and a great working environment, ensuring that they are never held back and can fully leverage their creativity.
 Asylum strives to be involved throughout every stage of a project. For both commercials and feature films, the company engages itself as early as possible, usually at the script/storyboard stage, helping clients refine the project to get the maximum possible value from the effects. We also pre-visualize complex effects enabling clients to hone their ideas and be more prepared for the shoot. During production, one of our supervisors is always on set to give advice, ensuring each effect is shot in the most efficient and cost effective way. Finally, during the post production phase, Asylum collaborates extensively with the director, producers and other creatives to guarantee that everyone’s vision is fully realized.
 Asylum’s close involvement in every phase of its projects, as well as its creative flexibility and willingness to handle seamlessly the ever changing requirements, has enabled it to develop many long term relationships with advertising agencies, production companies, directors and studios. This “can do” attitude, attention to detail and consistent high quality ensures that the company’s roster of clients is constantly growing.

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